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Struggling with an Eating Disorder

I feel that eating disorder recovery is a unique experience for every person who struggles with disordered eating.  There is no one size fits all approach, no cookie cutter treatment plan to follow and no step by step instruction guide.  So many treatment centers and counsellors tend to ignore this fact and treat each case the same. That’s where Christina comes in. Her approach is as unique as each individual which allows for each person to truly craft their own approach to recovery. Her attention to detail, her knowledge and her compassion combine together to provide a safe, inviting and effective method of treatment. I never once felt like I was a case number or just a patient, I always felt like a human being who mattered and was valued.

I was a case that was labelled chronic by many doctors and most people gave up on me ever recovering, including myself. With Christina’s help and guidance I managed to prove all those people wrong. She never gave up on me and pushed me when I needed pushing, and listened when I needed to be heard. A lot of factors came together for me to recover and it was a long and uphill battle, but fully recovering has allowed me to create a life I never thought I could have. Choosing to leave my eating disorder behind was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it’s also been the most incredible experience of my life. No matter how bad or far gone an eating disorder is, there is hope for recovery. I truly wouldn’t be alive without Christina’s help and I owe her my life. She helped me get through the darkest times of my disorder, always going above and beyond what was required of her to ensure that I was safe.  Her treatment is unique and as far as I am concerned, much more effective than any traditional based treatment plan.  Recovery is absolutely incredible and I’m so thankful that I made it to the other side when so many people don’t. Don’t give up hope, things can always get better.

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