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Battle with Anorexia and Bulimia

“When I was 16 years old I was struggling with anorexia  and bulimia and had been since the age of nine. I had kept it a secret for many years. The secrecy and denial had made me an emotionless shell of a girl.   There was a smile always on my face but pain and emptiness inside. At 16 everything in my life started to fall apart. My parents set me up with an appointment with Christina. I was originally not happy about this at all as I was in denial that I had serious health concerns. I, in some ways knew I needed help but a stronger part of me wanted to hold on to the disease. I felt safe the way I was. When I first entered treatment I was very skeptical and diligently trying not to get better. However, the caring approach and compassion I felt caused me to at least consider accepting help and trying to become healthy. I felt safe sharing my feelings, even the things I felt most shameful of. I never felt judged during my treatment and the focus always was on my future and wellness.

Through therapy I began to see the beautiful woman I was on the inside and out, and the potential my life held. I began to dream again and finally realized that the future I wanted would have to include health. This meant facing the disease, as frightening as the thought made me. Facing this disease was not possible without the support knowledge and expertise I received from my therapy. Today, I am happy, healthy and married to the man of my dreams. I am a registered nurse and excited to become a mom one day soon. I am completely recovered from the anorexia and bulimia and living my life to the fullest. I can’t place a value on the therapy I received as it not only saved my life but set me up for a successful and very happy life.”

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