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Healthy Essentials Clinic’s Pilates Room is for those looking to better their overall health! Whether you are rehabilitating from an accident, surgery, are post pregnancy, suffer with neurological pain, or need focused support for improved mental health, our Pilates Team and Studio is equipped with everything you need . We offer one on one sessions, group classes and specialized services to meet your individual needs. Our Instructors are certified and ready to help you experience the benefits of Pilates Therapy. ​

Why Pilates as a part of your recovery?

Pilates is a system of subtle, but effective exercises. Pilates can be used to program full-body workout routines which require significant core engagement that effectively engage your entire body. When you activate deeper muscles that control posture and alignment your overall body movement improves. These exercises are performed with supportive apparatus on a mat or Reformer, and Wunda Chair.

Pilates makes you feel HAPPY and STRONG from the inside out because it makes you hold your posture gracefully without effort by rebalancing your muscles, and increasing mobility. Feeling stronger enhances your confidence. Pilates can help to relieve physical imbalances such as back pain, chronic fatigue and poor posture; but can also help improve your mindset towards greater self worth and self-compassion. A regular Pilates schedule and healthy diet is a great way to live your healthy essentials for life.

Membership Options

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Reformer classes are the same price as Mat classes. Price available till December 2019. Contact us for more details.

Group Mat Classes / Reformer Classes – 1hr Class

ServiceSession CostMonthly Payment
1 drop-in$20N/A
4 classes a month$17$68
8 classes a month$15$120
12 classes a month$13$156

Private Sessions – 1hr Class

Looking for private or semi-private classes? Send us an email: or call the office at 250-766-3433 for a personalized Pilates plan.

Service Session Cost
Private Session 60 min$70
Semi-Private each client (2 persons minimum.)60 min.$35