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Christina has done much more than provide me with the knowledge, skills, and nutritional expertise needed to get well. She has been the kindest and most patient of guides as I’ve moved along the path of recovery from disordered eating. The path to wellness is not an easy one; it has many ups and downs, and at times it seems endless. Christina’s unwavering encouragement and unconditional support has helped me to keep moving forward even when I felt like giving up.


When I first met Christina, I was depressed and anxious, and I felt my life was falling apart. Now I feel positive and hopeful about my life. Now I see myself as someone worth taking care of in healthy ways. Now I more quickly remember that what I need and think is as important as the needs and expectations of others. I feel much less need to appear perfect and to have everything under control. Christina has helped me to move from shame to self-acceptance and from self-condemnation to self- compassion. What relief this has given me. Christina is a generous, spiritual person with amazing energy and faith and a wonderful sense of humor. She has been like an angel to me. She has truly saved my life, and she continues to inspire my life by her example. I’ll be forever grateful to her.

– Kim

My husband and I are writing this letter in support of Christina Camilleri. Our daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with an Eating Disorder at 16 and we were very fortunate to have Christina as our counselor.  Christina was very much involved with Kate for 4 years and in short, saved her life!! Christina truly understands Eating Disorders in all its facets.  She knows how incidious a disease it can be, how it can take over the mind of its victim and what a devastating thing it can be for a family.  She accepted Kate immediately and was an integral part of her healing. Christina “treated” Kate as a whole being.  As the sessions were private, we were not privy to what was said. We just saw the results.  We got our daughter back – healed and whole!!!


Not only did Christina see Kate on a regular basis, but she organized many other parts of her rehabilitation – psychiatrist, nutritionist and family counselor.  One very important part of the program for my husband and I was the “Parent Support Group”.  This group met weekly with Christina, and other parents, to learn about what was happening to our children, and also to talk together about how our lives were affected.  This was so important and so helpful – to find out we were not alone.  That there was hope at the end of our struggle!!


Christina is passionate about her work!  She sees the desperate need we have in this area for an Eating Disorders Program – one that works!.  Our family is totally supportive of her in this endeavor. Christina is a truly gifted counselor – a gift to all of us! We were so blessed to have her in our lives in our times of need.

– Lori J.

I was originally introduced to Christina through a friend of mine who had received life-saving guidance from her about 20 years ago. I had been through too many counselors to count but I was assured Christina would be life changing. And… she was. I was given practical tools to begin my healing process and truly understand the roots of my problems. I felt empowered and worthy. Through Christina’s background as a Registered Dietician and Clinical Counselor I felt I was finally getting the treatment and guidance I needed.”

– Heather

Christina Camilleri and her team are definitely the reason I’m alive today. She took me from the worst place in my life to a better place, a place I could grow from. Christina Camilleri is the most skilled counsellor and mentor- one in a million! I felt so privileged to be under her care and still consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have had her in my recovery. My story has such a happy ending, thanks to Christina.


Christina was always gentle and firm. Christina also lives a life of example to her patients. I always wanted the joy and the strength and the kindness that Christina possessed inside of her. She quickly made me realize I would need to give up my disorder to live the kind of life she was living- a life lived to the full. She helped me take the small steps I needed to make to change my life in a big way.


I can say from experience that if you can get into Christina’s care, it is the best decision you will make with your life. She is the most skilled counsellor at helping people heal. She will show you what is worth living for and shine some positive light into your situation whatever you’re facing.

– Kate

In 2001 we met Christina Camilleri with our daughter Denise.  She had been discharged from an intensive treatment facility for Eating Disorders.  We were searching for a person to help her with the next steps of her recovery; Christina’s name came highly recommended to us through a family who moved from Vancouver to Vernon to have Christina care for their child.  We were so fortunate to be introduced and when Christina accepted our daughter we knew she would be in the best possible care.


Christina’s expertise and knowledge of the eating disorder disease was immeasurable we had to seek professionals in the lower mainland prior, but nothing could compare to Christina, she is the best by far.  The credentials state clearly Christina’s professionalism and passion for this under cared for group of citizens.   The team approach for treatment and the use of Best Practices is an important and vital link to giving proper and timely care.


As the parents of a daughter saved by the amazing person I/we can’t thank Christina enough.  Our daughter Denise is an entrepreneur with a very successful business and a contributing citizen of this province and country. When we met Christina we felt Hopeless and Helpless that was 13 years ago. Today, we are the lucky ones to have been blessed with meeting Christina and having her in our daughter’s life for many of those recovery years of healing. We can’t thank Christina enough for being there for our family, now Happy and Healthy!

– Dolores

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Christina to assess and address my poor relationship with food and associated bad eating habits. I found her to be always insightful, respectful, and helpful. I’m eating much better, enjoying food a lot more, and coming to grips with the fact that my 60-year-old body will never again look 25!

– Jo

Christina is a gifted counselor who is completely committed and devoted to helping others find freedom. She sees the strengths and potential in her clients and gives them tools to empower them to overcome. I am grateful for the positive impact that Christina has had on my life.

– Michelle

Our past experience with counseling was always negative as the focus was always on what we were doing wrong. Many times we felt condemned, and that our situation was hopeless. With Christina, things were different. She focused on what we were doing right and when it came to our shortcomings she always spoke the truth in caring authentic ways.


Christina exuded a constant expectation of good, where with her we had hope for our future relationship. We have not arrived there yet but she has given us a foundation to stand on despite any difficulties. Christina is truly a gem and I never thought that I could enjoy counseling.

– Ron

I have known Christina Camilleri professionally for 8 years. I sought her help after a postpartum mental breakdown. My psychiatrist, Dr Lydia Schuster, recommended Christina to me when I confided in her that I was not in control of my eating. I have struggled with various eating disorders throughout my life and finally was brave enough to seek help. Calling Christina that afternoon was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


When I met Christina I was barely functioning. I rarely left my house and when I did, I avoided all social interaction. I was binge eating daily, rarely exercising, and had extremely low self esteem. Eight years later, with Christina’s support, I am a healthy and whole human being! I rarely, if ever, binge eat. Exercise has become an integral part of my life. I have many friends and enjoy social engagements immensely. I am finally eating balanced and healthy meals. And most importantly I am serving as a positive role model for my children.


Christina’s knowledge about health, and nutrition in impressive. She has educated me in things like: metabolism, hormones, insulin levels, dietary requirements, food planning, and more. One can tell she is passionate about the nutritional field as she is often bringing up new books, blogs, and journals she has read and how their information might be helpful for me. She has helped me to understand how my body works, how my eating disorders have effected my body and how to change my behaviour in order to heal my body. Christina’s knowledge base is impressive but truthfully that alone is not what has made the biggest difference in my healing.


Most people are able to intellectually understand what they need to do in order to stop their disordered eating. Eat more, exercise less. Eat less, exercise more. Stop binging. Stop purging. As we all know it is never that easy. Christina has the amazing ability to dive into the emotional scars that have created the eating disorder. She exposes them, and then uses cognitive therapy to challenge them. Before you know it your habits and rituals start to change and you begin to heal. For therapy like this it is imperative that the client feel safe and cared for. That is where Christina exceeds all others!


Christina loves directly from the heart. Her compassion and care is evident with every word that she says. You instinctively know you are in a safe place the moment you meet her. She never tires of hearing the same issues again and again. She never gets frustrated when you have a set back. She is never judgmental of anyone’s weakness. Session after session she listens, she loves, supports, encourages and educates. Little by little your spirit starts to heal until one day your find yourself a whole person.


I cannot say enough about this amazing woman. I am so thankful God made her path cross mine. I often wonder what would have been if had not found her. Who would I be? Who would my children be? It makes me shudder. I LOVE the person that I am today and I owe that all to Christina. Anyone that has the chance to have Christina in their life is utterly blessed and will be thankful for the rest of their life.

– Nicole

Christina, hands down, is the reason why I am fully alive today. I felt anorexia was something that no one could understand, people would say that they would understand, but really, until you’ve gone through an eating disorder, one cannot possibly understand the feelings associated with it. With Christina, I felt heard, respected, understood – she “got” me at a time when no one else could.


Through Christina’s support, knowledge and gentle guidance, I became well again…..and not just my physical body, but my spiritual and emotional self as well.


Christina gave me practical “tools” to use in my life to combat ED when stress or circumstances would lead me back to familiar patterns of thinking.


I know I speak for my family as well when I say that I am forever grateful for Christina.

– K.E.

Working with Christina has been an absolute pleasure. Through the means of her extensive nutritional knowledge and advice, Christina has not only assisted me in the pursuit of my athletic goals, she has also given me the information to better my lifestyle for years to come.

– Sam