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Say YES to the Scale Smash Challenge!

“The number on the scale does not define you”

Healthy Essentials Clinic is thrilled to be apart of Days of Action Smash the Scale campaign to help raise awareness about the challenges around mental health and eating disorders.

Accept the challenge and join Healthy Essentials Clinic Sunday February 10th from 10-2pm at Axe Monkeys Kelowna to participate.

How to Participate:

  1. ACCEPT: Say yes to the challenge and strive for 48 hours of your nomination.
  2. RECORD: Ask a friend to take a video of you smashing a scale. 
  3. UPLOAD: Upload your video to your Facebook page and tag three friends anywhere in Canada ad tag Days of Action Facebook page.
  4. GIVE: If possible, make a donation to Healthy Essentials Clinic or The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation on Days of Action donation page. Or  click to Donate to HEC DONATE 

What is needed for the challenge?

  • Bathroom Scale, or a food weighing scale
  • Sledge hammer or hammer, goggles for safety
  • Phone to upload to Facebook, and a safe place to record.
  • Pro Tip: If you have a glass scale, wrap it up tight in a pillow case before smashing it.

What should I say when I am ready to record?

  1. State your name, and the name of the person who challenged you
  2. Say, “I am participating in the Days of Action Scale Smash Challenge for Mental Health Fundraising and Awareness!”
  3. Share a short personal story, be creative, and smash the scale!
  4. Nominate 3-5 people (or more or less) to accept the, ‘Days of Action Scale Smash Challenge.’
  5. Tell them they have 48 hours to accept the challenge
  6. Immediately upload your scale smash to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, right away. 
  7.  Tag your friends so they know to participate!

For more information please visit Days of Action