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My Daughter’s Eating Disorder

After a very long disappointing and frustrating road with the medical system, we were desperate and felt we had no choice but to explore some private options to obtain help for our daughter’s eating disorder.   From the first visit with Christina, I knew I had found a clinician who really understood eating disorders in a much deeper level than textbook knowledge.  I finally found someone who understood how painful and scary this journey was and who provided a holistic approach to helping me understand more about this complex illness in such a way that no one else could articulate.  I felt validated instead of patronized in the midst of the chaos we were living because Christina had such a good knowledge of the  complex dynamics that acheter du cialis en ligne go along with these disorders.   Christina has an amazing ability to develop a quick rapport with her clients through her engagement, compassion and kindness.  Our daughter benefited from a deeper insight into what she was experiencing and slowly began to make some significant positive changes.   I will always be grateful for her support and so wish we had met her earlier in the process.  As both a mother and a health care professional,  I cannot say enough about how helpful Christina has been.  Our journey is not over but we are better equipped to manage the challenges as a result from her investment in our lives.”

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