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Christina Camilleri Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Applied Science (Honors in Applied Human Nutrition) – 1982-1987 University of Guelph Ontario

Dietetic Internship – 1987-1988 Victoria Hospital London Ontario

CME Masters Level – See Professional Experience/Education

Registered Memberships – College of Dietitians of British Columbia #0210


Professional Experience

January 1992-Present: Owner of Healthy Essentials- Full-time Lake Country, BC

  • Provide one on one counseling with clients working towards short and long term goals
  • Work closely with client’s physician, psychiatrist or other therapists as required
  • Work with family or significant others to resolve food and associated health issues
  • Refer to other specialists as required
  • Provide detailed reports & overviews of client care
  • Provide detailed lectures and workshops to various organizations and educational institutions
  • Mentor, consult and educate professionals and businesses
  • Exhibit entrepreneurial and marketing skills to maintain self-employment

March 1991- Oct 2013: Coordinator of the North Okanagan Eating Disorder Program-Part-time

  • Coordinate and direct program according to Best Practice Guidelines focusing on collaborative care and client centered treatment
  • Manage, clinically supervise and train team members as required
  • Process client referrals using screening tools & assessment strategies to facilitate evidence based client care plan
  • Recommend Hospital Admission accordingly and work closely with team members during assessment and admission process
  • Continue to provide inpatient treatment of disordered eating patients in community hospital with established ED protocol
  • Liaise with community hospital though inpatient admissions, rounds and outpatient treatment assuring continuity of care
  • Liaise with Tertiary Care Hospitals, St. Paul’s’, BCCH, & other residential Treatment Centers involving client admission & transition
  • Consult and participate in various provincial and regional committees
  • Report to MCFD, IHA & North Okanagan Advisory Committee providing program updates, statistics, developments and strategy for growth
  • Provide individual, group counseling, consultation & presentations
  • Provide & participate in regular educational opportunities and workshops
  • Work closely with ED organizations around prevention and early intervention of illness
  • Maintain and update staff & client library, provide timely literature and educational opportunities

January 1996-July 1998: Coordinator of the South Okanagan Eating Disorder Program-Part-time

  • Established an Eating Disorder Program within a difficult community setting
  • Processed client referrals, completed initial assessments, established treatment care plans and consulted with tertiary care centers
  • Worked independently and with consulting team members
  • Provided psycho-educational groups for youth & family
  • Provided family counseling as required
  • Established ED inpatient protocol, educated staff members at Kelowna General Hospital, bringing awareness and experience to disordered eating treatment
  • Worked closely with psychiatric staff and pediatricians, educating and facilitating evidence based treatment
  • Provided presentations regarding treatment of disordered eating to schools, community members and physicians
  • Worked to establish a Best Practice treatment approach to Disordered Eating throughout the Okanagan Valley

December 1990-1991 : Program Coordinator Bioscan Wellness Corporation Kelowna, BC

  • Initiated Wellness Programs with corporate clients and individuals
  • Hired, trained and managed full-time and part-time staff
  • Devised and revised programs according to client need and company standards
  • Responsible for complete business operation including marketing, forecasting, goal setting and achieving company objectives

June 1988-1990: Clinical Dietitian Parkwood Hospital London, ON

  • Participated in Interdisciplinary team rounds
  • Performed nutritional assessments according to appropriate medical, anthropometric, biochemical, physical and psychosocial parameters
  • Formulated care plans for nutritional and counseling intervention
  • Was an active member of the Multidisciplinary Feeding & Swallowing Assessment Team
  • Developed workshops and educational seminars appropriate to patient and professional needs of interdisciplinary team
  • Continued relevant and ongoing educational knowledge according to standards of practice and personal pursuit for further education

May 1988-1990 Nutrition Consultant–Part-time Private Practice London, ON

  • Consulted privately with individual clients with disordered eating including Binge Eating Disorder
  • Focused on Sports Nutrition and behavioral change in the elite athlete
  • Consultant to London Tigers (AAA) and Detroit Tigers Baseball League
  • Communicated regularly with physicians and health professionals through private referrals
  • Established awareness of disordered eating in the Elite Athlete
  • Worked closely with Business Administrator of the Fitness Forum bringing awareness to clientele around Nutrition & Lifestyle issues
  • Provided regular lectures by request to various professional sports teams, corporate organizations, health professionals and community groups
  • Featured as a new entrepreneur in the London Business Magazine

Continuing Education

September 1988-1989

  • Toastmasters International London, Ontario

June 1988-1989

  • Skin Caliper Assessment & Bio-impedance University Western Ontario

June 1988-1991

  • Various lectures and workshops associated with Sports & Clinical Nutrition, work related educational training in leadership, business administration, marketing and management

March 1992

  • Eating Disorders Workshop Sponsored by Vernon Eating Disorder Program; Dr. Elliot Goldner and Linda Lauritzen St. Paul’s Hospital

October 1992

  • Vegetarian Nutrition & Cooking for the Health Professional & Teachers; Vasanto Crawford R.D.: Kelowna, BC
  • Eating Disorders and the Role of the Therapist: Marion Fallding: Vernon, BC

November 1992

  • Personal Training with Dr. Elliott Goldner, Executive Director St. Paul’s Eating Disorder Program: Vancouver, BC

October 1994

  • Mood, Mind & Appetite Workshop: Vancouver, BC
  • Personal Training with Dr. Ron Manley, Director BCCH Eating Disorder Program

March 1995

  • Psychosis in Teens: Dr. Marriage BCCH: Vernon, BC

April 1995

  • Vision for Eating Disorders Workshop; Dr. Elliot Goldner, St. Paul’s & Ron Manley BCCH: Vernon, BC

November 3 & 4 1995

  • Interior Eating Disorder Training Event: Dr. Elliot Goldner, St. Paul’s Hospital Hosted and Facilitated

February 7-9 1996

  • International Conference on ED: Victoria, BC

November 21 & 22 1996

Current Trends in the Community Approach to Eating Disorders; Dr. Bryan Lask, Dr. Laird Birmingham, Dr. Jorge Pinzon, Vicki Smye, Coordinator, Facilitator, Presenter & Participant: Vernon, BC

March 1996

  • Theraplay Workshop: Vernon BC

June 8-10 1996

  • Boundaries Course-Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend: Kelowna, BC

June 1997

  • Tertiary Care & Eating Disorder Treatment; St. Paul’s and BCCH: Vernon, BC Hosted and Facilitated the Event for Okanagan Valley Health Professionals

October 1997

  • Inpatient Team Approach to Treatment with BCCH Team: Vancouver, BC

November 1997

  • St. Paul’s & BCCH inpatient Team Training at both Kelowna General Hospital and Vernon Jubilee Hospital

February 2-5 1998

  • When Girls Feel Fat; Sandra Friedman: Hosted and facilitated workshops throughout the Okanagan Valley

Feb 1998

  • Valley Wide Meetings to Discuss Eating Disorder Treatment and Prevention throughout the Okanagan; Sonya Franklin Health Minister BC Government

April 24-26 1998

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine & Montefiore Medical Center International Conference on Eating Disorders Postdoctoral Course of Instruction: New York City, USA

June 14-15 1999

  • Suicide Intervention for Teens & Adults Workshop: Vernon, BC

October 1999

  • Community Solutions for Eating Disorders: Sponsored by Okanagan & Area Eating Disorders Association, Presenter & Participant

March 2000

  • Eating Disorder Information Workshop; Dr. Laird Birmingham and Linda Lauritzen St. Paul’s Hospital: Sponsored by Okanagan & Area Eating Disorders Association

June 2000

  • Sheena’s Place Toronto, Ontario Program Review and Training Hospital for Sick Children; Eating Disorder Program Review and Training

September 2000

  • The Art of Eating: Treating the Dieting Casualty; Ellyn Satter: Kelowna, BC

October 27 & 28 2000

  • International Eating Disorder Conference: Victoria, BC, Presenter & Participant

November 2000

  • Nutritional Management of Eating Disorders; Dr. Laird Birmingham St. Paul’s Hospital: Vernon, BC

November 23 & 24 2000

  • DSM IV In-service for Clinicians and Health Professionals: Vernon, BC

March 2001

  • Scattered Minds; Dr. Gabor Mate`: Kelowna, BC

May 17-19 2001

  • International Conference on Eating Disorders; Academy for Eating Disorders Presenter & Participant Sheraton Wall Centre: Vancouver, BC

June 10-12 2001

  • Rural & Remote ED Conference Planning & Design for Rural Programs, Presenter and Participant: Kamloops, BC

October 2001

  • Manual of Clinical Dietetics Review Workshop: Vancouver, BC

November 16 & 17 2001

  • The Way They Learn; Cynthia Tobias: Kelowna, BC

June 19 & 20 2002

  • Part I Readiness Motivational Inventory/Interviewing Training; Dr. Josie Geller, St. Paul’s Hospital: Vancouver, BC

November 15 & 16 2002

  • ANAD Conference: Still Trying to Measure Up? Vancouver, BC, Presenter and Participant

April 2003

  • Edgewood Treatment Centre Addictions Workshop: Nanaimo, BC
  • Rural & Remote meetings with various Programs on Vancouver Island

June 11& 12 2003

  • Part II Readiness Motivational Interviewing Training; Dr. Josie Geller, St. Paul’s Hospital: Vancouver, BC

October 2004-Present

  • Present St. Paul’s ED Program Monthly Videoconference Series for Clinicians

April 2005

  • I’m Like So Fat: Toronto General Hospital Eating Disorder Program, Conference: Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Dr. Leora Pinhas, Sheena Place Meetings & Program Planning: Toronto, ON

March 2006

  • Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence; Dr. Bryan Lask, University of London and Oslo, Hosted by Alberta Children’s, Hospital Eating Disorder Program Calgary, AB

June 2006

  • Relationship between Anorexia Nervosa & Insulin Dependent Diabetes; Dr. Richard Phillips: Kelowna, BC

June 2006

  • EDI III Training Event; St. Paul’s Hospital: Vancouver, BC

September 2006

  • Conflict Resolution in Couples; Dr. Les & Leslie Parrott: Kelowna, BC

October 26 & 27 2006

Meal Support from Inpatient to Home; St. Paul’s & BCCH: Vancouver, BC

November 2007

  • Mental Training in Athletes & Sports Performance; Dirk Stroda: Kelowna, BC

February 27-29 2008

  • First Bi-Annual conference of the Eating Disorder Association of Canada: Calgary AB

November 2008

  • Hold on to Your Kids Attachment Workshop; Dr. Gordon Neufeld: Kelowna, BC

May 11 & 12 2009

  • NEDIC Shades of Grey: Body Image & Self Esteem: Toronto, ON

October 2010

  • The Diet Mentality; Michelle Morand Centric Centre: Kelowna, BC

February 2011

  • Anxiety in Children Webinar: Anxiety BC

February 2011

  • Motivational Interviewing Webinar: Dr. Stephanie Cassin BCCH

March 14 & 15 2011

  • Level I Family Based Therapy Dr. Daniel LeGrange Workshop; Presenter Renee Rienecke Ph.D. Vancouver, BC

May 2 & 3 2011

  • Caring for the Clinician Working with Eating Disorders; Carolyn Costin Monte Nido CA. Hosted and organized Conference through Rural & Remote Committee

July 2011

  • Mindfulness of Youth Webinar: Eating Disorder Network

August 2011

  • Motivational Interviewing: Remuda Ranch Webinar for Clinicians

October 2011

  • Family Based Therapy Webinar: Eating Disorder Network

November 2011

  • Weight Centered Program? Webinar: BCCH

March 2012

  • Living Life to the Full: Presentation by CMHA Vernon Branch

February 7 & 8 2013

  • Eating Disorders and Athletes; Dr. Ron Manley: Kelowna, BC

February 2013

  • Meal Support Webinar: Eating Disorder Network

April 2013

  • Dance and Body Image Webinar: Eating Disorder Network

April 2013

  • How to Keep Children Safe in a Wounding World Webinar; Dr. Gordon Neufeld

April 2013

  • Weight Bias Webinar: Eating Disorder Network

June 2013

  • Family Based Therapy Webinar: Dr. Barbara Beach BCCH

July 2013

  • Women 4 Sustainability; Fresh Outlook Foundation: Kelowna, BC, Presenter and Participant

Sept 2013

  • Family Based Therapy Webinar; Dr. Karina O’Brien, Dr. Barbara Beach BCCH

October 24 & 25 2013

  • Global Leadership Summit: Kelowna BC

February 2014

  • FODMAPS Webinar: Stephanie Clairmont R.D.

Professional Involvement

  • Pilot Study Committee Member for Kelowna and Vernon Eating Disorder Programs
  • Kelowna Eating Disorder Program Advisory Committee
  • Vernon Eating Disorder Program Advisory Committee
  • Vernon & Area Eating Disorder Association Committee
  • PEDAC Provincial Eating Disorder Association Committee
  • Rural & Remote Committee Coordinator
  • Professional Practice Council for Mental Health Dietitians
  • Composed and developed several Policy & Procedure Manuals associated with above committees
  • Composed and developed several Funding Proposals to enhance ED Program Development
  • Supervised and trained Interns, Clinicians and Doctors interested in Disordered Eating
  • Established both Kelowna General Hospital and Vernon Jubilee Hospital Inpatient ED Protocol
  • Standardization of ED Assessment Tools for Rural & Remote ED Programs
  • Dietitians of Canada
  • College of Dietitians of Ontario
  • College of Dietitians of British Columbia

Professional Conference, Presentations & Workshops Provided

March 1993

  • Eating Disorder Information Presentation with Cathy Richards, Kelowna Community Nutritionist: Penticton, BC

March 1993

  • Vegetarian Eating & Eating Disorders: Kelowna, BC

September 1993

  • Eating Disorder Training Event for Clinicians; Workshop presentation with Dr. Elliot Goldner: Kamloops, BC

Jan, Feb. March 1994

  • Presentations Eating Disorder Prevention Immaculata High School: Kelowna, BC

February 1994

  • Eating Disorders in Teens; OKM High School Counselors: Kelowna, BC

March 1994

  • Nutrition in Business; BC Builder Corporation: Kelowna, BC

July 1994

  • Nutrition & the Elite Athlete: Kelowna Figure Skating Club

July 1994

  • Proposal for Greater Eating Disorder Services in the Okanagan Valley presented to Sonya Franklin Health Minister: Victoria, BC

January 1996

  • Eating Disorder Prevention presentation for Teachers & Counselors; School District #22 Professional Development Day: Vernon, BC

February 1996

  • Becoming Barbie Presentation; Okanagan College: Vernon, BC

October 1996

  • How Media Encourages Thinness; OKM High School Counselors: Kelowna, BC

November 1996

  • Current Trends in the Community Approach to Eating Disorders; Coordinator & Presenter Valley Wide 2 Day Workshop. Taped by Shaw Cable & CJIB Live Radio: Vernon, BC

February 1997

  • Sports Nutrition & Athletes with Disordered Eating: Kelowna, BC

June 1997

  • Eating Disorder Screening and Awareness for Physicians: Okanagan Valley

June 1997

  • Treatment of the Inpatient Eating Disorder Client for Nurses: Okanagan Valley

June 1997

  • Training Event on Inpatient Hospital Eating Disorder Protocol: Okanagan Valley

June 1998

  • Ten Things I have Learned in Treatment of the Disordered Eating Client; Northview Community Church: Abbotsford, BC

October 1999

  • Hospital Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Health Professionals; St. Paul’s & Vernon Eating Disorder Program: Vernon Jubilee Hospital

October 2000

  • Sports Nutrition for the Elite Alpine Skiing Athlete: Kelowna, BC

October 27 & 28 2000

  • Group Therapy in Eating Disorders; International Eating Disorder Conference: Victoria, BC

November 2000

  • Nutrition, Wellness & the Eating Disorder Client for Certified Dental Assistants: Kelowna, BC

April 2001

  • Nutrition & Health for Certified Dental Assistants: Kamloops, BC

December 2002-2007

  • Nutrition & Media Awareness; Queen Silver Star Candidates: Vernon, BC

April 2003

  • Nutrition for the Eating Disorder Client presentation for Rural & Remote Members: Vancouver, BC

February 2004

  • Eating Disorders & Recovery Process: Salmon Arm Mental Health & Vernon Jubilee Hospital Staff

February 2004

  • Eating Disorders & Media Influence; School District #23 Professional Development Day: Kelowna, BC

June 2004

  • Eating Disorder Training Event Salmon Arm Mental Health

February 2005

  • Eating Disorders & Adolescents; School District #22 Professional Development Day: Vernon, BC

March 2005

  • Sports Nutrition for the Elite Athlete & Families: Kelowna, BC

October 2005

  • Nutrition & Sustainability; Community Workshop: Okanagan, BC

December 2005

  • Nutrition and Addictions; NOW Canada: Kelowna, BC

May 2007

  • Lifestyle Nutrition & Wellness Everyday: Kelowna, BC

November 2009

  • Body Image & Eating Disorders; School District #22 Professional Development Day: Vernon, BC

November 2009

  • World of Disordered Eating; Fulton School Teacher & Counselors: Vernon, BC, Professional Conference, Presentations & Workshops (continued)

April 2010

  • Boundaries for Parents with Children suffering from an Eating Disorder; Six Week Course;CMHA & North Okanagan Eating Disorder Program: Vernon, BC

February 2010

  • Helping Foster Children with Disordered Eating; Vernon Foster Parents Association

September 2011

  • Helping the Inpatient Eating Disorder Client & Families; In-service for Nurses and Staff: Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Media Service

  • February 1990 – Waist Management Article; by Ken Maver London Business Magazine
  • March 1991 – present Various newspaper interviews & Articles
  • February – 1994 Eating Disorders Awareness Week; Midday with Mike Roberts CHBC Television
  • February – 1995 Eating Disorders Awareness Week: CILK FM Live 3 hour call-in show
  • February – 1996 Eating Disorders Awareness Week: CJIB Live Talk Show with Patrick Nicol
  • March 1996 – Eating Disorder Information; Uncut CHBC Television with Blaine Gaffney
  • November 1996 – Current Trends in the Community Approach to Eating Disorders Taped by Shaw Cable and CJIB Live Radio
  • May 1996 – Eating Disorder Information Call-in show CJIB Live Radio with Patrick Nicol, Kelowna, BC
  • February – 1997 Eating Disorder Awareness Week CHBC Television Interview

Community Service

  • July 1994 – BC Summer Games: Kelowna, BC
  • October 1994 – Eating Disorder Workshop for School Counselors & Health Professionals: Easter Seals Camp: Winfield, BC
  • October 1994 – Nutrition & Body Image for GES School Counselors & Teachers: Winfield, BC
  • March 1996 – Nutrition & Lupus; Lupus Association: Kelowna, BC
  • March 1996 – Eating Disorders & Teens; Seaton High School PAC Meeting: Vernon, BC
  • March 1996 – Beautiful You! Girl Guides of Canada: Winfield, BC
  • April 1996 – Eating Disorder Information & Training for Okanagan Phy