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An Unhealthy Obsession with Food

Battling an eating disorder was the most incredibly challenging part of my life to-date.  Looking back on my adolescence (I am now 36 years old), it makes me sad to see how many years I wasted on the completely consuming unhealthy obsession with food and my distorted idea of how a body should look.  It is for this reason that I am especially thankful for the pivotal role that Christina played in my recovery.

There are so many layers to an eating disorder and such complicated psychology behind it all: it takes a very special kind of practitioner to successfully make progress with an individual with an eating disorder.  I remember the first time I sat down, reluctantly (at my Mom’s insistence), with Christina.  There was no way I was going to change in my own mind, for that meant giving up an insane amount of control that I had over my body.  Despite my stubborn attitude and self-destructive obsession, Christina was able to gradually help me work towards a successful recovery and a healthy relationship with food that has stayed with me.  Most important, she has an intimate understanding of the psychology behind an eating disorder, and is able to identify the true issues that fuel the disorder. She is a kind and very intelligent person with a passion for helping, and it is no doubt that she was the key to my recovery.

I couldn’t say enough amazing things about Christina and strongly urge anyone struggling with an eating disorder to seek out her help.  Trust me, recovery is possible and life is truly wonderful on the other side.  Thank you Christina for the invaluable gift you have given me, I am forever grateful.

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