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Prevention and early intervention are key to helping clients recover from one of the most serious mental health issues in society today. It has been my privilege to work closely with medical professionals over the last 25 years, both in inpatient and outpatient settings. As Coordinator of the CMHA North Okanagan Eating Disorder Program, I had the great opportunity to help develop what our colleagues and referring tertiary services regarded as one of the strongest and most successful outpatient programs in BC. It is now my pleasure to work with you through Healthy Essentials Clinic. Together we can meet the needs of your patients and their families as they struggle to manage this very difficult and challenging illness. Eating Disorders are highly treatable, and successful treatment includes:

  • Consistent medical management
  • Necessary nutritional and therapeutic knowledge required to support clients and their families
  • A blend of  cognitive behavioral, family, emotional and interpersonal therapies

As a registered dietitian and counselor for the past 25 years, I have worked in Ontario and British Columbia, presented at international and national conferences, trained and supported inpatient and outpatient programs across the province, and treated hundreds of individuals of all ages (see Curriculum Vitae). I specialize in helping individuals struggling with disordered eating/eating disorders, digestive issues, and behavioral disorders associated with food, weight and shape. I also have expertise in assisting athletes who wish to improve their performance through the use of sports nutrition. I have gained extensive experience, and it has been my passion and joy to see clients receive appropriate treatment and transition to full recovery while living engaging lives! I would be happy to speak with you directly regarding a collaborative treatment approach (Click for Referral Form) that will help your clients receive the Healthy Essentials for a lifetime.

Sincerely, Christina Camilleri

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