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Here to help professionals know more…

There are so many challenges when working in any field of practice, and time constraints often interfere with our ability to learn outside of our specialization. As a clinic with over 25 years of experience in the areas of mental health counselling, autism spectrum disorders, psychological health and safety at work, clinical and sports nutrition, concussion recovery, digestive disorders, disordered eating/eating disorders, and resiliency for life, it is our pleasure to provide you with the best opportunity for success with your clients and their families. From case consultation, information, resources, contacts and articles, to helpful handouts and encouragement, I hope this website will become a trustworthy resource you can count on.We look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together soon.

– Christina Camilleri Founder and Director BASc RD RCC MAL CHE 




Courage, Trust, Respect, Integrity

Courage to come forward and grow at your own pace. Trust to connect and belong. Respect through kindness, recognition, feeling heard and being understood. Integrity to appreciate who you are.

Passion & Principles

Client and Family Centered Care

This may seem like the catch-all phrase to some organizations, but this is the main goal for Healthy Essentials Clinic. Each client and their family will feel that they have come to a place that understands their unique needs, researches the best approach to client care, contacts any specialized services required for treatment, and takes great care in the details. Your whole health is taken into consideration in the first session, and you will leave feeling equipped with directions for the next steps towards your recovery.

Collaborative and Integrative Care

Your needs are unique, and your support team will be specific to you and will consist of people you feel can provide you with the network of information and emotional or medical support you require to reach your goals. Healthy Essentials Clinic practices collaborative and integrative care and will work efficiently and respectfully within your community care network.

Empowerment & Impact

You will become empowered when you receive and comprehend information that benefits you. You can then apply this information in a timely way towards a transformed life. When you work with Healthy Essentials Clinic you will have the opportunity to learn, receive and apply knowledge personalized for you in a safe, secure, non-judgmental and encouraging environment. The insights you gain will provide you with the foundation for continued personal learning and development.

Focus and Commitment

It takes great courage to walk into any process that involves your health. You need to know that your treatment is priority and that you will be heard, understood, respected and taken seriously in every way. Your whole well-being is taken into consideration at all times. Your care is as unique as you are.

Evidence Based Practice

We live in a society where access to large amounts of varied information can sometimes be confusing and  overwhelming. Healthy Essentials Clinic takes your health seriously. Your every question is our concern. We stay current with the research and participate in conferences and educational opportunities so that we can assist you in understanding the information specific to your health. We will guide you towards the best resources possible. You will feel equipped and informed. If your needs are best served elsewhere, we encourage and research the appropriate referral on your behalf, and follow up to ensure you are satisfied.


Recovery Stories